Our lab is trying to create the systematic understanding of planetary atmospheres under the context of “comparative planetology”. The field covers terrestrial planets (Earth, Mars, Venus, …), giant planets (Jupiter, Saturn, …), interplanetary space, and exoplanets.
All planets have their atmospheres, in wide meaning, from the troposphere to the exosphere. The lower layer is dominated by neutrals, coupled with surface and/or internal region. The higher layer is plasma world, directly connecting to and affected by interplanetary space and the Sun. The atmosphere is also controlled by gravity, temperature, history, sea, crustal activity, etc. A variety of physical and chemical processes occurring here decide the environment of the planet. It can be guessed by the fact that our environmental problems are “the problems of our atmosphere”.
All our researches are promoted by the development of state-of-art tools and techniques:
* Observational: New powerful instruments for space and ground-based
* Numerical: Advanced numeric codes and data analyses tools
By those driving forces, we have proceeded active researches and educations under international collaborations.

Prof. Naoki Terada

# Please contact us if you have any questions in our website to rom(#)pat.gp.tohoku.ac.jp